About Collins Hemingway

Collins Hemingway is a writer and technologist whose range of interests is shown in the books on which he has collaborated. He is co-author with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates of the #1 best-selling book on business and technology, Business @ the Speed of Thought; co-author with Dan Baker and Cathy Greenberg on What Happy Companies Know, about how positive cultures help companies outperform competitors; co-author with Arthur Rubinfeld on Built for Growth, the gold standard about how companies can create and renew retail brands; and consultant on books ranging from supply-chain management to leadership and business strategies.

He recently co-authored The Fifth Wave with Robert Marcus, about the mobile internet and how it will change the world. In addition to his expertise in emerging computer technologies, he has studied aviation, astronomy, and biology.

Hemingway was born and raised in the American South and currently lives in the American Northwest. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature and a minor in science from the University of Arkansas (1972, Phi Beta Kappa) and a master’s degree in literature from the University of Oregon (1979).